Urban Decay Naked2 Basics palette, photos & swatches

I know it’s been a while since Naked2 Basics is out there and probably everyone had a post about it but I got it just two days ago because it has been on my wish list for a short time only (since I’ve seen it with my own eyes). Urban Decay is available in Sweden for a short time and since I didn’t see it in person previously I didn’t really give it much thought because I already own Naked1, Naked2 AND Naked3 so it’s not really like I needed it, but you know how it goes… :D  So, after I made my mind it ended up going home with me. Me happy! :D

Since I didn’t have time to test it, I did swatch it on a few occasions and my first impressions are already here. I feel like the eye shadows are really soft and they give that buttery feeling under fingers but I do think they might be a bit too soft and you can end up with excess eyeshadow on your fingers if you press them too much. To avoid that just swipe them gently and I think that should be okay because they are well pigmented. I like this shade range and their finish – one shimmery shade and five matte shades. And, the most important for me is that this palette is cool toned. Not that you can’t use warm toned eye shadows if you’re cool toned but I prefer cool toned eyeshadow because my skin just doesn’t work with warm toned eye shadows. :)

The packaging of this palette is quite compact which makes it perfect for traveling and it gives you a great opportunity to create gorgeous daily and evening neutral looks since it contains a lovely range of colors. The packaging is also plastic but not cheap plastic, it rather gives some sorts of rubber feeling which reminds me of NARS packaging. On the inner side of the lid there is a mirror which is quite good and you can see quite large part of your face in it which makes it useable while applying makeup.

Price | Where to buy

This palette costs 245 SEK in Sweden and it contains total of 7,8 grams of product (1,3 gram x 6 eye shadows). If I would compare this to mono eye shadows, it turns out this palette is almost three times cheaper than the same amount of product if purchased as separate eye shadows. Mono eye shadows costs 170 SEK and contains 1,5 grams of product which makes it 113,33 SEK per gram vs. Naked2 Basics e/s contains 1,3 grams of products which makes it worth 31,41 SEK per gram. In total it would be 680 SEK (mono) vs. 245 SEK (Naked2 Basics). Quite a deal I would say. :)

If you’re in Sweden you can get this palette at selected KICKS stores or online, but if you’re not you can get it at feelunique.com (first website that crossed my mind but there are others as well). :)

Continue reading to see photos and swatches! In my next post I’ll post neutral look created with this palette. ♥

 photo urban-decay-naked-basics2-palette-01a_zpst5kwgkmw.jpg

 photo urban-decay-naked-basics2-palette-01_zpsstsnzkgy.jpg

 photo urban-decay-naked-basics2-palette-02_zpsc3ybgfe7.jpg

 photo urban-decay-naked-basics2-palette-03_zpsnrwbssbb.jpg

 photo urban-decay-naked-basics2-palette-04_zpssr731fee.jpg

 photo urban-decay-naked-basics2-palette-04a_zpsddcpfcbv.jpg

 photo urban-decay-naked-basics2-palette-05_zpss1hz2abp.jpg

How do you like Naked2 Basics and did you fall for this Naked “mania” or you’re ignoring it? If so, why? :)

Vesna ♥

10 Replies to “Urban Decay Naked2 Basics palette, photos & swatches”

  1. Cover & Frisk su preleepee :D

    1. Jesu, krasne za sjenčanje i pregib :)

  2. Imaš UD uživo!! Aaa, blago tebi, sve možeš vidjeti/isprobati. Paleta je krasna. Ja volim neutralne lookove pa mi je tim više još i ljepša ova paleta.

    1. Da, da, nedavno je UD stigao u Švedsku i u centru ima parfumerija koja ima njihov counter tako da je to super jer mogu sve pogledati uživo! :)

  3. Jako jako mi se svidja sto je vecina sjenila mat! Ja imam neutralno/blijedo/topli podton ali mi se svejedno cini da je ova paleta savrsena!! Imam osjecaj da bih ovoj Frisk nijansi prvoj dotakla dno :)

    1. Ma mislim da bi ti pasala, ne vidim zašto ne bi :)
      Da, i meni se nekako čini da ću tu nijansu prvu dokrajčiti hehe :D

  4. Apsolutno prekrasna i potrebna! :D Original Naked Basics sam već skoro potrošila, taman kupim novu i uz nju ovu dvojčicu! :D

    1. Je, definitivno potrebna! :D :D

  5. nisam baš ljubitelj paleta sjenila jer volim svjetlija i onda polovinu palete niti ne taknem,ali ovu imam i koristim sve nijanse :)

  6. divna je opcenito su mi basicsice bolje od nejkedica :D za svakodnevne lookove ili brzinske na putovanjima idealna

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