My makeup collection – highlighters & illuminators

Today, I’m going to show you my collection of  these little sparkly thingies! :D I love, and I mean LOVE everything that gives glow to the skin so I’ve gradually gathered this beautiful collection. Highlighters are placed on specific areas of the face to make them brighter or to give them glow (under the brow, […]

Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer no. 7, review, pictures & swatches

If you fancy luxury cosmetics and liquid illuminators, the ones that can be applied individually in certain areas on your face or mixed with the foundation, then this is a product for you. Giorgio Armani cosmetic line is a genuine epitome of luxury, and I think there is no makeup lover out there who has […]

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Lightscapade, review, swatch & look

This little fellow is on my wish list for a long, looong time. I have a makeup issue, well obsession, I want everything and anything there is on the market and beyond :D. I am particularly attracted to lipsticks, blushes and illuminators/highlighters. Anything that gives glow to the skin is more than welcome in my […]

Illamasqua Paranormal collection, swatches

I visited Illamasqua store today so that I could bring you swatches of the new Paranormal collection. I really like the ESP lipstick and the Gleam in the shade Supernatural, and I’m certainly interested about the Hydra Veil and the eyeliner as well (long awaited Illamasqua gel liner; whom I forgot to swatch, ooops :D). […]