ArtDeco Soft Waterproof Lip Liners

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I’ve been testing and playing around with the Artdeco waterproof soft lip liners. I’m always sceptical when there is a waterproof tag on a makeup product because 9 out of 10 times the product won’t be waterproof at all.

But, these lovelies turned out to be that one product that truly is waterproof and I totally love them.

Colour payoff and texture

Pencils have a creamy texture and they are really, really pigmented. Because of their texture they are easily applied to the lips. Despite the creamy texture they can be a bit drying on the lips so it is best to put an lip balm underneath (wait until absorbed and then apply the liner), but I noticed that they weren’t that much drying on my lips (although if you have very dry lips, they could be).

On the Artdeco official page I’ve noticed in the description of these liners that they contain vitamin E and natural antioxidants (sounds nice :D).


They can be used as a lipstick base (they extend durability and prevent bleeding), but they also can be used on their own with a gloss or a balm over.

Once you apply them, you can lightly tap them with your finger to get a softer look and then allow them to absorb a little (say, a minute or two). They need a bit of time to get into their resistant mode. Then apply lipstick/lip gloss.

On the daily base I use them alone and put the gloss over. While, for the night out I put the lipstick over. You’ll notice that they will extend the longevity of the lipstick.


They come in 17 different colours, but on Croatian market there is only 12 of them available.

I took the following shades:

  • 10 seductive red – beautiful, warm red hue
  • 12 summer peach – peachy brownish hue, the only one with a tiny bit of shimmer
  • 26 sensual teak – warm brownish hue
  • 84 mexican aster – soft pink hue

Pictures and swatches

 photo Artdeco_Soft_lip_liner_waterproof_10_seductive_red_zpsf461066a.jpg

 photo Artdeco_soft_lipliner_waterproof_12_Summer_Peach_zpse899b778.jpg

 photo Artdeco_soft_lipliner_waterproof_26_Sensual_teak_zps4c66643a.jpg

 photo Artdeco_soft_lipliner_waterproof_84_Mexican_Aster_zps25fd25aa.jpg


And this is how they looked after I washed the swatch on my hand with soap and water (the picture is the same as above, only upside down :/). I’ve applied two other lip pencils that I got beside them for this test. Soap will take them off after some time, but they will not come off only with water. First I poured water over them and then I added soap (note that my skin is very dry, and when I’ve done this test I haven’t applied any body lotion on the skin, so the dryness probably favored the resistance). The other two pencils that I added have quite faded when only water was in the picture and when the soap got into the mix they faded almost completely.

I think they have passed the test with water quite well. Although they are waterproof and durable, they are not completely resistant to everything. However, they are much more durable than any other lip pencils that I have.

Resistance and shades

Seductive Red and Sensual Teak proved to be more durable/resistant than the other two shades. It probably has something to do with the color pigmentation/intensity, because the other two are more softer, lighter, I guess.. I do not know if it is just me, but I have noticed that my red lipsticks, polishes and other red products are more resistant than other shades, anyone else?

How to take them off, if not with water?

The fact that they are waterproof does not mean that they can not be removed from the lips so don’t cross them off your list because of that. If you wish you can take them off just by rubbing your lips with finger (tried, tested them in all possible ways) but this will not be the most pleasant experience :D. I take them off with milk makeup remover, fine oil (eg almond oil) etc.

Specifications :D

Price: around 7 euros.

Amount: 1.2 grams per liner.

Smell and taste: no smell (fragrance free :))

Additional notes: Artdeco is a cruelty free brand.

Where to buy (in Croatia): Mueller (I think they have the largest selection of the Artdeco products), Limoni, Nama, Iris, Douglas and that’s all I know :D.

Where to buy online:

Have a nice day :)

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  1. red
    December 30, 2015 at 5:55 pm (2 years ago)

    Hi there! Is this liner like regular pencil liners that need to be sharpened or is this twistable? Thank you :)


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