About us

The idea that is Beauty & Mess came into being late in 2012, and was made real in early 2013. The founders and editors of this webpage are Martina Medur and Vesna Vodanović, who had their own blogs before Beauty & Mess was launched (those blogs are no longer active and some content was published on Beauty & Mess blog).

Since January 2015. this blog “lives” on two addresses – Croatian (Martina) and Swedish (Vesna). Continue reading if you want to know more about Beauty & Mess editors and blog content.

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Martina Medur is a makeup artist living in Zagreb. She has been doing makeup for over five years now, she has attended a makeup course with Simona Antonović. In addition of being a makeup artist she also loves cosmetics and beauty products. Therefore she became a full time blogger as well.
For all additional question feel free to contact her at martina[at]beautyandmess[dot]com.

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Vesna Vodanović has been a long time (beauty) blogger and since the beginning of 2015 has been living in Stockholm, Sweden. As a true beauty blogger who loves to try out new brands, she saw this as a great opportunity to write about her experience with various Scandinavian brands (and some other brands) that weren’t available in her homeland Croatia.
For all additional question feel free to contact her at vesna[at]beautyandmess[dot]com.


The content is written and edited by Martina and Vesna. The articles are written in good faith and should be used on your own recognisance.

The content encompasses video tutorials on make-up and hairstyles, reviews of decorative and preparatory cosmetics, swatches, announcements on upcoming collections and so forth. Even though the webpage main focus is cosmetics from time to time we will publish contents that relates to home decoration, jewellery, recipes and other.

Beauty & Mess contains links to other webpages and blogs, but we do not hold ourselves accountable for the content of those pages.

Read more on copyright protection here.

Remark: a part of the content was moved from our earlier blogs and that content will be recognizable by the old watermark on the pictures. Some of the pictures will be replaced in time (if we are able to reshoot the products), but the majority will probably remain as is. Newer pictures have the B&M watermark.


All of the articles are written in good faith and they represent our personal opinion of the product.

Reviewed products on which you can read our impressions on this webpage are:

–        bought (with our own money)

–        given to us by the importer/distributer/manufacturer

Whether the product is given to us will be disclosed at the end of each review. Regardless of whether we have bought the product or it was given to us our reviews are always honest. We try to review every product in as much detail as possible with accompanying photos in order to convey our impressions.

Protection of Privacy

Beauty & Mess commits to protect the data collected from users during their commenting of the blogs contents or in another fashion in the highest possible manner. Collected e-mail  addresses and personal information will not be given or sold to third parties, unless otherwise provided by the law.